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Lithuanian Business Confederation is the largest business organization uniting service, trading and high-tech companies.
We are national committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC*) in Lithuania.

Lithuanian Business Confederation represents:
• 28 business associations
• Over 3500 companies
Our members produce around a quarter of Lithuania’s GDP.

Mission – consolidate Lithuanian business and create a competitive economic environment.

Vision –  create a business organization that professionally represents companies of service, trade and high tech.

We are social partner who actively supports the dialogue between business and government institutions, seeks to create a favorable business environment and professionally represents the interests of its members.

The Lithuanian Business Confederation is a co-founder of Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration. Arbitration ensures favourable conditions for solving disputes and creates competitive and effective alternative to national courts.

*The ICC the largest and most representative business organization in the world that brings together business representatives from more than 120 countries. This organization speaks on behalf of the global business community. Its main objective is to promote international trade and investment, help business to meet challenges of globalization and take advantage of the opportunities. ICC develops and promotes international business and trade standards, guidelines and rules which are worldwide accepted. ICC the founder of the World Chambers Federation - an international network promoting worldwide communication and collaboration of chambers of commerce. More



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