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We are delighted to announce that ICC’s Ethics Compliance Training programme is ready for release.

The aim of this ICC Ethics and Compliance Training is to provide companies with the knowledge and tools to design an anti-corruption training programme. The aim is to define the enterprise’s ethical values, to advise, encourage and motivate employees and to provide anti-corruption training for personnel. Please see the Table of Contents of the ICC Ethics and Compliance Training attached for information.

We are pleased to have developed this new product, which goes beyond the standard content provided by ICC policy commissions,  and to offer this training to National Committees in the context of our new Global Partnership Agreement, with a closer, collaborative partnership between ICC and its National Committees.

The provisions for its use are set out in the copyright notice of the ICC Ethics and Compliance Training: 

“All rights reserved. ICC holds all copyright and other intellectual property rights in this work. No part of this work may be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, translated or adapted in any form or by any means, except as permitted by law, without the written permission of ICC.

Permission can be requested from ICC through”

With a National Committee representative writing “I agree” in a reply email to this email, we will be happy to provide the ICC Ethics and Compliance Training by email, for this use.

Following National Committees’ replies back with their agreement, they may request a copy of the Training at

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