Who we are?
Lithuanian Business Confederation is the largest business organization uniting service, trading and high-tech companies.
We are the national committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC*) in Lithuania.


Lithuanian Business Confederation represents
The confederation represents 34 business associations and over 3500 companies, which together constitute a quarter of Lithuania’s GDP. These companies have already created 200 thousand job positions, which make up 15% out of 1.3 million Lithuanian workers. The main business areas of the organization are: high-tech, education and enlightenment, law, finance, logistics and other services.


To consolidate Lithuanian business and create a competitive economic environment.


Create a business organization that professionally and best represents companies service, trade and high-tech interests.


The main areas of work

  • Representing major trade and service companies and their associations in Lithuania;
  • Effective international business and trade propagation and implementation of standards;
  • Improving the business environment: promotion of foreign trade, investment, removal of bureaucratic obstacles and modernization of legal acts;
  • The search of business partners and market, professional business visits accompanied by high state officials;
  • Specialized expert commissions – qualified business opinions;
  • Promotion of competitiveness;
  • Seminars, conferences, discussions on relevant business issues.


Towards a business-to-state partnership

  • We are a social partner, actively supporting dialogue between business and government institutions, aiming to create a favorable business environment and to professionally represent the interests of its members;
  • We have signed a National Agreement with the Prime Minister and other social partners on the necessary reforms for the country’s progress;
  • We have signed more than twenty co-operation agreements with Lithuanian government agencies, educational institutions and other organizations on the basis of which we share relevant information, organize discussions, seminars and conferences on topics relevant to business, cooperate in projects promoting entrepreneurship and strengthening the country’s business competitiveness.
  • Our delegates, experts in various fields participate in more than fifty working groups, commissions and committees, which were made by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, ministries, other state institutions and international organizations. They analyze legal acts, directives, strategies, programs and other normative documents prepared by these institutions, make proposals and comments to the ones who make decisions. The number of groups, which the LSC has its own representatives, is constantly growing.


Commissions – qualified business opinions
The Lithuanian Business Confederation is implementing its main business objectives through established commissions with business representatives, specialists and experts in various fields. Commissions examine current issues in their field, analyze laws and other normative acts affecting various business areas, provide comments, suggestions and evaluations to the Government, other national or international organizations, prepare thematic conferences and seminars.
The Lithuanian Business Confederation has established the following commissions:

  • Agribusiness;
  • Arbitration and Mediation;
  • Environment and Energy;
  • Inbound tourism;
  • Financial markets;
  • Commercial rights and practices;
  • Tax;
  • Education;
  • Customs and international trade;
  • Trade;
  • Digital economy;
  • Health affairs;
  • Transport and logistics;
  • Business, government and society;
  • Human Resources.




Business missions, which are organized in conjunction with top country leaders visits to foreign countries, are an effective form of cooperation between state institutions and businessmen, presenting the country’s economic interests, possibilities and advantages.


Bilateral business Meetings and business Forums – negotiations in which the highest heads of the country attend, raise relevant issues and questions for Lithuanian companies to the intergovernmental negotiation level.


During diplomatic conventions and bilateral intergovernmental commissions we make recommendations on how to improve the search for new business markets mechanisms to promote the country’s export and competitiveness.


Events: quality, innovation and relevancy
We organize conferences, forums and discussions on relevant business topics with highest level government and business representatives of the supervisory authorities who lead Lithuanian companies and organizations.  We also organize specialized seminars to familiarize you with the latest international trade standards, globally recognized ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) rules and recommendations for business: updated Incoterms2010 rules, documentary credit UCP600, URDG 758 bank guarantees, and many others.


The Lithuanian Business Confederation annually evaluates and rewards the “Partnership Leadership Award” to the most deserving people.  “Business Ambassador” award is given for active work in Lithuanian and foreign business partnership. „Socially Responsible Business“ award is given for the application of the principles of social responsibility in business practice. Individuals with special merit are awarded with a „Badge of Honor“.


ICC in the world
ICC is the largest and most representative business organization in the world, bringing together business representatives from more than 120 countries. This organization speaks on behalf of the global business community. Its main objective is to promote international trade, investments and help businesses meet the challenges of globalization, take advantage of opportunities. ICC develops and distributes international business and trade standards, recommendations and rules, represents business interests. ICC is the founder of the World Chamber Federation. It is an international network that promotes cooperation and communication in collaboration of chambers of commerce. More