The Lithuanian Business Confederation, representing Lithuania’s largest service, trade, and high-tech companies, would like to invite you to the forthcoming international business conference PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP IN LITHUANIA: BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES to be held on the 31st of May at the Lithuanian Parliament, Vilnius.

While Public-Private Partnerships may represent a relatively novel trend in Lithuania, the need for PPP projects is rapidly growing, together with the demand of ever greater funding. The conference aims to bring together key public sector decision makers and private investors to discuss the evolving trends and opportunities in public-private partnerships in Lithuania, and to announce a number of upcoming PPP infrastructure investment projects.

The second part of the conference will be dedicated entirely to the Lithuanian PPP market, highlighting potential projects in priority sectors including transportation, courthouses, river and sea ports, street lighting, security, and public order.
The conference will be opened by Prime Minister Butkevičius and the Minister of Economy Ms Vėsaitė. The invitees include public and private sectors leaders – top developers, builders and investors, together with representatives from the Lithuanian Government, Parliament, ministries, and municipalities.

For those who are planning to set up operations in Lithuania, the conference offers a starting point to meet with government and municipality representatives, and to connect with new partners and contractors.

We look forward to seeing you in Vilnius.

R.S.V.P. till 27th of May to

Enclosure: Conference Programme