Honor of the Lithuanian Business Confederation

The Honorary Award of the Lithuanian Business Confederation was presented at the 14th Council session in 2003.

Honorary badge of the Lithuanian Business Confederation for specific merits may be awarded to the present or former presidents, vice presidents, honorary members and honorary chairmen, members of the presidium, chairmen and members of commissions, business partners, heads and workers of state institutions, Lithuanian politicians and  representatives of foreign business organizations. This award can be given to a person who has been well-known for promoting the business of the Lithuanian Business Confederation, creating a positive image in Lithuanian business society and for other merits.

„Partnership Leader“ award

„Partnership Leader“ is the most prestigious LBC award.

In 2001, the Lithuanian Business Confederation, which unites the largest service, trade and high-tech companies, established the annual Partnership Leadership Award. This Lithuanian business “Oscar” is dedicated to special merits, strengthening the economic and political power of Lithuania.
The essential achievements of the country’s economic development are only possible through close cooperation and constant dialogue between state institutions and business. Therefore, the Lithuanian Business Confederation follows the principle that deserving civil servants, experts, diplomats, politicians and senior executives of the country must be evaluated. The main purpose of the nomination is to promote transparent cooperation between businessmen and public officials.
Creating exceptional conditions for business development, strengthening Lithuania’s statehood, strengthening the political and economic power of the state, representing Lithuanian business interests abroad, promoting public institutions and business partnerships – these are the criteria by which the Presidium of the Lithuanian Business Confederation annually chooses the „Partnership leader”.

,,Business Voice” award

Nomination „Business Voice“ is an award for active promotion of Lithuanian-foreign business partnership. Nominees are suggested by the Lithuanian business community.

Nomination criteria:

  • Representation of Lithuania’s economic interests, raising the knowledge of Lithuanian business abroad;
  • Initiative to strengthen and promote business relations with the market of the country where Lithuania is represented;
  • Active support and assistance when making business-to-business relations, organising business missions;• real help in implementing concrete projects of Lithuanian business development abroad, finding business partners, attracting new investments.

„Responsible Activity“ award

The Lithuanian Business Confederation established the „Responsible Activity“ award in 2011. The aim is to promote social responsibility in business practice, raise awareness of such activities in society, and show its benefits to the country. All Lithuanian companies, organizations and state institutions may apply for the “Responsible Activity” award.

Nomination goals:

  • Raise awareness of socially active people;
  • To promote the application of the principles of social responsibility in business practice;
  • To develop corporate social responsibility and community feeling;
  • Expand the business community’s understanding of the benefits of socially responsible work;
  • Highlight the interference which are encountered when solving social problems;
  • Promotion of business and public dialogue also civil thinking;
  • Strengthen mutual cooperation between the business society and Lithuanian citizens;
  • Strengthen social welfare in Lithuania by working in together.

,,Leader of Modernity” award

In 2021, the Lithuanian Business Confederation established the award “Leader of Modernity”. This is an award for the implementation of innovative processes in business that create lasting value for the Lithuanian economic system. Candidates can be any legal entity operating inside or outside the LBC. Candidates for this nomination are nominated by the Board and members of the Lithuanian Business Confederation, and the winners are selected by the Council of the LBC on the basis of a joint vote.

,,Fellowship” award

In 2021, the Lithuanian Business Confederation’s “Fellowship” award is established. This award is given for long-term work for the Lithuanian Business Confederation. The award can be given to members of the LBC and employees of the Directorate. Candidates for this nomination are nominated by the Board and members of the Lithuanian Business Confederation and the winners are selected by the Council of the LBC on the basis of a joint vote.

„Service of the year“ award

The purpose of the „Service of the Year“ Awards is to encourage Lithuanian companies to develop competitive, innovative, high value-added services that meet the needs of today’s market and consumers.