Andrius Romanovskis

2020-2024 term of office

2020-2024 term – beginning in 2020 October 1, end 2024 September 30

The President (Chairman of the Council) is elected by secret ballot at the first meeting of the Council for the duration of its term of office (for 4 years), for a maximum of 2 terms in a row. An employment contract with the LBC President is not concluded. According to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, the President of LBC engages in lobbying activities and must be included in the list of lobbyists of the Republic of Lithuania.

LBC President

  • submits to the Council for approval the nominations of the Vice-Presidents and proposals for the dismissal of the Vice-Presidents
  • is the chairman of the Council and the Board and manages their activities
  • according to the powers granted to him, represents LBC and its interests in Lithuania and abroad, in public and private institutions, signs on behalf of LBC