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Benefits of Membership

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We are working for the benefit of our members, therefore:

  •  We professionally and effectively represent our members interests in public authorities.
  • Our members can: Participate directly in the legislative process and make proposals to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, the Government, ministries, municipalities and other legislators; Participate in the preparation of EU normative acts.
  • Our members are the first to know about planned changes in legislation or amendments of the law which may affect their business sector, therefore can respond appropriately.
  • We organize high-level business events for our members on relevant issues, where government representatives, decision makers, business leaders and experts from various fields attend.
  • With our members we initiate and implement projects funded by the European Union Structural Funds.
  • Our members increase the awareness of their company and activities, through our communication channels.
  • Events organized by us – a great opportunity to expand the circle of business contacts.
  • We send useful information to our members, which we receive from Lithuanian representations around the world, about foreign markets, relevant events, foreign companies’ proposals and business opportunities.

Type of Membership

  • Member – sponsor
  • Member – partner
  • Member

The Lithuanian Business Confederation is the official representative of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Lithuania.


  • ICC opens doors to government offices. Being members of ICC’s global business organization, companies and organizations have a stronger voice when approaching national governments, key international organizations officials, who make  decisions affecting business.
  • Governments and international organizations are constantly enacting a plethora of new laws and resolutions affecting international trade, investment, taxation, environment, competition, intellectual property protection and other areas of business interest. The ICC members are the first to know all the legal news, thus gaining the time they need to make the right decisions.
  • ICC members participate in the development of business rules through national commissions aimed at reducing business costs and eliminating shortcomings in banking, contracting, arbitration, customs procedures, business security, international trade, marketing, e-commerce and other areas. By participating in this process, they acquire unique knowledge useful to their business.
  • International organization ICC, represents companies and organizations from all sectors of business and industry worldwide. During the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the members can express their opinions and views on business-related issues, which are taken into consideration by national governments and intergovernmental organizations.
  • ICC members consist of largest, most influential companies in the world and small or medium-sized businesses. By joining the ICC, campanies becomes a part of the world’s most famous and influential business organization and united forces make it possible to quicker achieve common goals – improving global business conditions and trade liberalization.
  • The ICC World Business Organization is a senior adviser to the United Nations and also advises the WTO (World Trade Organization) on business interests.
  • ICC is a huge source of information for all business-related fields. Company members are directly involved in the creation of the ICC information base. They provide and receive information relevant to successful existence and development of their business.

If you have any questions or thoughts that interest you, please contact the listed contacts.