Lithuania will be represented in
International Court of Arbitration
 of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) by
arbiter Vilija Vaitkutė Pavan. The partner of the law firm “Valiunas Ellex” and
also the chairman of the Commission on Arbitration and Mediation of the LBC was appointed as a member of the court for a three-year term.

those countries which have national committees of the ICC have their members in
the International Court of Arbitration. In Lithuania, The ICC is represented by
the Lithuanian Business Confederation, which has established a commercial
arbitration court that has been running for almost two decades already.

For Lithuania it is
really important. The participation in International Court of Arbitration
ensures interconnection – on one side we inform what kind of problems and
disputes rise in Lithuania, on the other side – we bring the best foreign
experience to Lithuania and create new opportunities to promote business here.
To make it clear, we are showing to the business world that it is such an
effective way to deal with disputes via the International Court of Arbitration”,
– said V. Pavan. 

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