International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has released “Anti-corruption Third
Party Due Diligence”, a new guide to help small- and medium-sized enterprises
(SMEs) assess and manage corruption risks associated with engaging third party

SMEs are often
on the receiving end of burdensome due diligence procedures of large
multi-national companies. These requirements can be overwhelming and smaller
companies can find that they have insufficient resources to meet them. 

This new ICC
Anti-corruption Third Party Due Diligence Guide addresses these concerns and
incites Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) to engage in due diligence by
creating achievable and manageable due diligence goals.

It focuses on corruption risks associated with
engaging third party suppliers, contractors and consultants in an international
and domestic setting and how those risks can be managed.

This ICC Guide is also a direct
response to the Turkish G20 and B20 efforts to implement concrete actions to
empower SMEs in their fight against corruption.

Please follow this link to find the newly released ICC
Anti-corruption Third Party Due Diligence: A Guide for Small and Medium-sized
, produced by the ICC Commission on
Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption.

This new ICC Guide will complement ICC’s robust suite
of anti-corruption tools, which includes the ICC Ethics
and Compliance Training Handbook