Writer: Vaidas Talačka | AmeraLabs

AmeraLabs was founded in January 2017 with a purpose to engineer 3D printing materials that would inspire and enable the creativity of 3D printing community worldwide. The idea came 6 years ago from the personal experience of AmeraLabs founder. At that time, after developing his own SLA 3D printing, he was not able to solve his engineering needs with available solutions. With the desire to change the situation, AmeraLabs was founded in order to create materials that fit the needs of sophisticated engineering applications. Today, with the clear focus on creating functional materials for high resolution stereolithographic 3D printers, AmeraLabs produces a range of products with a combination of properties: extremely rapidly curing materials for low powered 3D printers, high resolution modelling resins for DLP printers and tough materials for industrial prototyping and production.

Broad portfolio of applications and customers worldwide

This is what we say about current status of 3D printing industry: “3D printing is evolving faster than its applications”. Therefore, constant search of new use-cases, customers and needs is one of the key activities here, at AmeraLabs. Our customers range from jewellers, dental technicians and manufacturers to hobbyists, cosplayers, table-top gaming fans, scientist and many more. The team is striving to produce 3D printing materials with exceptional physical properties affordable and available to hobbyists and professionals alike. Our current broad portfolio of applications is really pushing us forward and enables us to create better and better solutions to our customers.

Constant pursue of excellence and innovation

AmeraLabs is constantly innovating. Ongoing cooperating with science institutions helps to apply latest research work into our materials and pursue no only unique properties, but reduce carbon footprint as well. Throughout the years of work, we have created in-house framework for developing SLA 3D printing materials. This covers huge number of dimensions that must be considered in order to create well-thought and fully compatible SLA 3D printing resin. We are always happy to share this knowledge with our partners and customers.

Light is the task where many share the toil

Cooperation with AmeraLabs can bring significant benefits to your project. We can quickly test newly developed materials and prototypes not only in our lab, but also with our customers. We have huge database of tech-savy customers that are experts in SLA 3D printing. Thus providing testing samples to these customers can quickly help to identify not only issues, but also benefits of material being developed. Moreover, easy access to the resources of academic community next to us can help to solve the trickiest issues one can face when developing SLA 3D printing resin.

Innovations with ECOLABNET that will change the status-quo.

A lot of our customers produce vast numbers of prints. In many cases those models end up in trash bins or (in the base case) incinerated. This does not help to reduce CO2 emissions nor it helps to save our planet. In order to change this situation, we decided to participate in ECOLABNET project. Our goal is to create fully biodegradable and biobased material for SLA 3D printing that would be able to degrade naturally. With the help of project partners, we are constantly moving forward with this issue and this new eco-innovation is just around the corner!

If we focus on something, we make it happen.

We strictly differentiate ourselves as 3D printing materials company. We do not provide 3D printing services; we do not make hardware – we focus on materials only. This helps us to keep the direction and pursue not only our goals, but goals of our partners as well.