Briefly about us!

Lithuanian Business Confederation (LVK) is the largest business organization uniting service, trading and high-tech companies. Our organization has been successfully operating since 1995 and have vast experience in the field.  

We represent 36 business associations and unite over 3.500 companies in Lithuania. The main business areas of the organization are: entrepreneurship support (both for youth and general public), high-tech & innovation, education and enlightenment, environmental issues & ecology, business support, export support for products & services. Therefore, we are a part of the national committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC*) in Lithuania. 

Our mission & vision is to consolidate Lithuanian business and create a competitive economic environment. LVK vision is to create a strong business organization that professionally represents interests of various companies, service and trade as well as innovation industries in Lithuania, the EU, and the world.

LVK is implementing its main business objectives through established commissions with business representatives, specialists and experts in various fields. Commissions examine current issues in their field, analyze laws and other normative acts affecting various business areas, provide comments, suggestions and evaluations to the Government, other national or international organizations, prepare thematic conferences and seminars.

We are a social partner who actively supports the dialogue between business and government institutions, seeks to create a favorable business environment and professionally represents the interests of its members. 

Our legal details

Organisation full legal name Lietuvos verslo konfederacija
Type of organisationAssociation
VAT number LT100639515
National ID 110063950
PIC number 966132417
OID numberE10158023
Position of Legal representative General Director
TitleDirector general
First nameIneta
Telephone +37052121111

Our background and experience

LVK has been actively involved in large local and international projects since its establishment. Over the last 10 years, the organization has been working on 27 projects that actively contributes to Lithuania’s as well as EU culture and politics. Currently, 16 of them have been successfully completed and remaining 11 are still in progress (learn about them here: This experience woll always allow us to contribute to the objectives of the current proposal tht you are working on.

We aim to provide people with more open social dialogue opportunities with government and local entrepreneurs. We seek to inform the local communities about 1) the benefits of such projects; and 2) the seriousness of the issues being brought to light. For that reason, LVK pays attention to every detail and work to carry out all the with full responsibility. We believe that this attitude & responsible approach will be relevant for yoy and every EU project in the field.

Youth entrepreneurship support

Business sector support

Social dialogue & responsibility

Strategic Partnerships & innovation

International & local cooperation

Education and enlightenment (NFE)

Management & the key staff

Our key representatives involved are n the projects , that has vast experience in the field of business management, vocational education, start-ups support.  LVK team is a professional leaders, who always strive to  developed their competences and during the (both local and international) with varios: a) social partners (employers’ organisations and trade unions); b) public authorities, institutions and organisations that have statutory roles related to youth work as well as cooperation. This experience have provided us with strong educational, entrepreneurial and innovative basis needed to maintain the communication with people that are coming from different cultural, social and economic backgrounds. Our team have been involved in all the previous activities of the association (see below).  

LVK staff will bring to the project relevant competences and experience form everyday work with business, public sectors and different people: students, youth workers, entrepreneurs, etc.: 1. By working toward creating a business-friendly economic and social environment in Lithuania, the EU, and the world. 2. By connecting business entrepreneurs from different sectors with general public ; 3. By organizing events, international conferences, seminars, and training programs and round table discussions, for youth, youth workers, lical communities, business and government leaders, experts in various fields, and business practitioners.

In addition, we have participated in various Erasmus+ and other EU funded international projects (e.g. “#empl-oi – European Mobility Placements for Open Innovation”, “STEP-UP – Supporting Tutor’s educational and Profesional Upgrade , “CREAzone” The first step towards entrepreneurship”, “CREAzone 2.0”), about NFE methods, environmental initiatives, innovation, social dialogue and entrepreneurship. LVK team always seek to strengthen their Competences. Due to this reason they have created various innovative and non-commercial platforms like – Lithuanian travel platform, aimed to promote cultural tourism in Lithuania or to support student internships in finance and insurance.

We are lead / beneficiaries in the following:

Programme or InitiativeIdentification/contract numberTitle of the ProjectProject bugdet Project impact and achievements
European Social Fund VP3-1.4-AM-09-K-01-029 Green business responsibility 133.552,77 €‎ Project helped to inform Lithuanian society about ecological awareness and promote their development of new environmental friendly ideas in business and everyday life. It also encouraged Lithuanian companies to take actions and raise the awareness about environmental issues that actively contributes to the preservation of the environment.
European Social Fund VP1-2.2-ŠMM-05-K-01-002 People among people 2.016.675,74 €Project encouraged teachers, pupils and parents to be more involved in the educational process. Therefore, all participants had an opportunity to strengthen their bond and self-confidence between family members and the school. Project also encouraged local schools to engage into active dialogue with pupils’ parents and youth organizations beyond the formal school environment.
European Social Fund VP1-2.2-ŠMM-07-K-01-017 Establishment of a system for student internships in finance and insurance 389.418,73 €The project included of two actions: improvement of study quality & strengthening the relations between business and educational organisations. In order to support students in relevant internships search process project partners have created national electronic internship search engine
European Social Fund VP1-2.2-ŠMM-07-K-03-036 “CREAZONE” Solutions for young entrepreneurs 638.114,28 €During the project partners have improved the entrepreneurial skills of Lithuanian students by adapting the Junior Enterprise model of informal entrepreneurship. At least 2 business plans were implemented during the project, which was one of the most important parts of the project. In addition, a final conference was held, bringing together high school representatives, project mentors, participants and investors.
European Social Fund VP2-2.2-ŪM-01-K-01-022 Promotion of export in service sector 385.340,59 €The project helped to create various tools needed to develop and promote export of services.
European Social Fund VP2-2.2-ŪM-01-K-01-023 Promotion of export in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan market 401.720,63 €Project helped to elaborate business conditions and export development opportunities into the relevant markets of Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan which is relevant to the members represented by Lithuanian Business Confederation (LVK) in the sectors that have the biggest potential and share the best interest of the target group.
European Social Fund VP2-2.2-ŪM-01-K-01-029 Export of new technologies and knowledge: European Union support, opportunities and markets 314.741,37 €Project have supported various export services and modern tools aimed to develop new knowledge sharing opportunities among companies in innovation in environmental engineering and biomedicine, physics and chemistry, technology and agro-industries.
European Social Fund VP2-2.2-ŪM-01-K-01-027 Enhancing the viability and competitiveness of business enterprises 269.826,81 €Project was aimed to ensure long-term prospects for the competitiveness of enterprises, economic growth and operational efficiency. Due to the successful implementation of the project we have improved export & job growth and productivity among the participating companies.
European Social Fund VP2-2.2-ŪM-01-K-01-028 Increasing the competitiveness of business enterprises in local and foreign markets 269.826,81 €The project consisted of two factors: creation of export opportunities and management of events or conferences for a specific sector of export market. The project achieved the following results: growth of export and labor productivity, increased opportunities for business entities to develop their business relationships.
European Social Fund VP2-2.2-ŪM-02-K-01-014 Foreign business development among SME’s 319.230,48 €Project helped to local SMEs and various to improve their business environment and entrepreneurs to start their own business or planning activities in foreign markets. Created opportunities for businesses strengthened their positions in the provision of information and consultancy support, to expand or renew their activities in foreign regions, and to establish useful cooperation links.
European Social Fund VP1-2.2-ŠMM-10-V-04-002 Creating and developing a voluntary community 270.707,83 € Project increased the diversity of youth socialization, employment and integration opportunities for young unemployed labor market. Project activities promoted various ideas for volunteering and helped youth to acquire practical skills, establish useful contacts and improve social skills, which will be needed for effective integration into the labor market.
European Social Fund VP1-1.1-SADM-01-K-02-263 Improvement of human resources competencies among LVK members 229.524,44 € This tool helped to improve the employment competences of our LBC partners in order to increase their staff capacity and be able to adapt to the needs of company and changes in labor market.
European Union funds Investments in 2014 – 2020 03.2.1-LVPA-K-801-01-0011 Development of international cooperation opportunities for SMEs 416.618,83 € Project promoted opportunities to increase the international competitiveness of Lithuanian companies by helping them to enter new markets and expand the scope of cooperation in existing ones. Project enabled Lithuanian companies to look for new, undiscovered export directions.
Erasmus+ 2015-1-FR01-KA203-015261 “#empl-oi” European Mobility Placements for Open Innovation 294.229,00 €Project improved and developed methodology for aimed to facilitate high quality mobility opportunities for student and carry out an innovative part-time placement scheme.
European Union funds Investments in 2014 – 2020 12.0.1-CPVA-K-204-01-0019 The Lithuanian Business Confederation comunication project “NEVER TOO LATE” 29.514,75 €Project has consisted of two actions: promotion of entrepreneurship among the Lithuanian participants and to implementation of the communication strategy of “Enterprise Lithuania”. During the project we have organized events on business prospects and the importance of business plans. In addition a video clip “NEVER TOO LATE” was made to promote entrepreneurship examples at an older age.
European Union funds Investments in 2014 – 2020 09.3.1-ESFA-K-731-01-0019 “CREAzone” The first step towards entrepreneurship 275.082,24 €Project helped to promote student entrepreneurship possibilities and creativity. It have adopted various approaches and tools support entrepreneurship: lectures, workshops, camps, communication with entrepreneurs, competitions, entrepreneurship trips.
European Union funds Investments in 2014 – 2020 09.4.1-ESFA-V-734-01-0001 Development of Lithuanian Qualifications System (Phase I) Ongoing project… The project aims to develop modern professional education and adult education content based on the Lithuanian Qualifications Framework.
European Union funds Investments in 2014 – 2020 01.2.1-LVPA-V-842-01-0003 “InoSpurtas” Inovation colsuntancy and business support services 3.815.791,31 €Ongoing project… The project aspires to increase the innovativeness of enterprises and to encourage them to intensify R&D activities providing innovation consulting and innovation support services to enterprises.
European Union funds Investments in 2014 – 2020 09.4.3-ESFA-K-814-01-0011 Develop of employees of Lithuanian Business Confederation partners in order to ensure continuous qualification of employees 411.351,55 €Ongoing project… Project aims to ensure the continuous qualification of the employees and their professional mobility by providing the company employees with the highest quality specializsd training.
European Union funds Investments in 2014 – 2020 08.5.1-ESFA-V-423-02-0001 Promoting corporate social responsibility 1.793.933,75 €Ongoing project… The project idea is to create a functional social responsibility system that encourages companies to apply the principles of social responsibility in their activities and to inform and educate the society about corporate social responsibility.
Interreg Latvija Lietuva – European Regional Development FundLLI-186 CREAzone 2.0 939.115,17 €Ongoing project… CREAzone 2.0 is an ongoing project aimed at combining new business ideas and traditional industrial business models to create a new viable business version and to ensure sustainable employment growth in the Lithuanian-Latvian border regions.
European Union funds Investments in 2014 – 2020 03.2.1-LVPA-K-801-03-0013 Development of international cooperation opportunities of Lithuanian companies 388.862,05 € Ongoing project… The project goal is encourage SMEs to explore new overseas markets and expand existing ones.
European Union funds Investments in 2014 – 2020 03.2.1-LVPA-K-801-04-0005 Creative Industries – Path towards export 260.247,46 €Ongoing project… The project objective is to encourage SMEs in the creative and cultural industries sector to explore new opportunities for business development and export growth to new foreign markets.
European Union funds Investments in 2014 – 2020 05.4.1-LVPA-K-808-02-0011 – Increasing the attendance of cultural and natural heritage sites in the business tourism sector 166.265,69 €Ongoing project… The project aims to increase the visibility and awareness of cultural and natural heritage sites by e-marketing.
European Union funds Investments in 2014 – 2020 09.4.3-ESFA-K-814-02-0015 Digital marketing courses for sales, marketing and public relations profesionals 389.694,06 €Ongoing project… The project aims to ensure the continuous maintenance of the qualification level of the employees, their professional mobility and the ability to rapidly re-orientate themselves to the activities of another sector of the economy.
Interreg Baltic Sea Region – European Regional Development fund#R077 “ECOLABNET” Development of eco-innovation in the Baltic Sea Region 2.246.645,00 €Ongoing project… The project purpose is to promote sustainable eco-innovation in the Baltic Sea Region by exploiting unique opportunities for the production and design of products, services and new materials. The project also plans to establish a network of service providers and innovators for eco-innovation producers.
Erasmus + 2019-1-IT01-KA202-007776 “STEP-UP” Supporting Tutor’s educational and Profesional Upgrade 297.998,00 € Ongoing project… Project aims to ensure the continuous maintenance of the qualification level of the staff and the growth of pedagogical competences by providing access to the highest quality specialized training in the international arena. Project also aims to strengthen professional mentor mobility and the ability to adapt to new educational challenges and rapidly evolving digital technologies.
European Union funds Investments in 2014 – 2020 01.2.1-LVPA-V-842-01-0008Lithuanian business integration into international RDI (research, development and innovation) value chains (InterInoLT) 2.046.264,00 € It’s an ongoing project that aims to create an RDI ambassador network which would solve the issue of Lithuanian businesses not being able to fulfil their potential by independently integrating themselves into international RDI value chains.
2014-2020 European Neighbourhood Instrument Cross-border Cooperation Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus Programme ENI-LLB-1-076 Reducing unemployment – promoting entrepreneurship by combining business models and creativity into an organic, young and promising business952.853,57 € It’s an ongoing international project that takes place in Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus and is aimed to build long-term sustainable youth employment and improve entrepreneurship and business skills by combining innovative breakthrough ideas and traditional business models into organic, young and promising businesses.