Ecolabnet is a project funded by Interreg Baltic Sea Region which aims to create a network of service providers for supporting eco-innovations in manufacturing SMEs of Baltic Sea Region.

The main objective of the project is to boost sustainable innovations in Baltic Sea Region by utilizing unique capacity of product-service system design, additive manufacturing and new materials. The project will establish a platform for knowledge exchange between innovation laboratories as well as stimulate passion for ecological innovation in BSR region.

The ECOLABNET sustainable innovations utilize bio-based materials, additive manufacturing, and life-cycle services, which integrate product-service system designers, material researchers, technology providers and business developers for collaboration. In addition, customer-oriented approach focus the development resources on competitive and desirable solutions, which will enhance market uptake of innovations.

Project will demonstrate capabilities of the network by developing several demonstrators. Some possible examples for evaluation:

  • 3D micro/nano scale inorganic objects for optical devices
  • Biobased resin for additive manufacturing
  • Biodegradable single disposal microfuidic chip
  • Product service system which utilizes biobased materials and 3D printing
  • LCA of biobased materials or additive manufacturing

Project partnership

  • R&D performers to provide eco-innovation specific knowledge and product and process development services:
    • VAMK Ltd. University of Applied Sciences (Muova), Finland
    • Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania
    • University of Tartu (UTartu), Estonia
    • Czestochowa University of Technology (CUT), Poland
    • VIA University College (VIA), Denmark
    • Vilnius University (VU), Lithuania
    • Centria University of Applied Sciences Ltd (Centria), Finland
  • Intermediate business development support organisations as brokers for the network services as well as
    • Lithuanian Business Confederation, Lithuania
    • Sustainable Innovation, Sweden
  • SMEs to utilize network services and to provide with pilot cases for more trustworthy presentation of networks capabilities
    • Labsamera MB, Lithuania
    • Estrotech Ltd, Estonia

More information: and Interreg Baltic Sea Region

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