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Industries are facing green transition, which requires new solutions, know-how and collaboration. No longer, companies can postpone sustainable development.

The pressure comes from policies, funding, labour markets and end customers influencing the whole supply chain. Ecological aspects are necessary in all business activities: purchasing material and components, product development, production, logistics and marketing. Investing in ecological development creates competitiveness today and in the future.

ECOLABNET organises series of sharp events for manufacturing companies in critical aspects of ecological innovations. In 1,5 hours, you will gain new knowledge, business examples and connections with great experts.

17th May | 10 am EET – 3D print micro and macro parts

  • Optical 3D printing in VU LRC: macro- to nano-scales.  Mangirdas Malinauskas, Vilnius University, Lithuania
  • Printing experience: dental models and more. Vaidas Talačka, Labsamera Ltd, Lithuania
  • Printing large parts for composite industry. Rathish Rajan, Centria UAS, Finland

17th May | 2 pm EET – The ways to eco-brand  

  • Sustainability, communication, and consumer behavior. Rene Claus Larsen, Associate Professor at Via, Denmark
  • Branding in cooperation with experts. Senior researcher Sanna Peltonen & Account manager, senior designer, Siljamäki Tommi at VAMK Design Centre MUOVA, Finland
  • Karoliina Hovi, Hovi Creatives, Finland

18th May | 2 pm EET – Bio-based materials for industrial products

  • Bio-polymers as an alternative. Poul Erik Joergensen, Head of Programme: Product Design and Material Technology at VIA, Denmark
  • Development of eco-innovative polymeric materials. Jolita Ostrauskaite, professor at KTU, Lithuania
  • Kaija Pohako-Esko, University of Tartu, Estonia

20th May | 2 pm EET – Innovations to the markets 

  • Road to the markets, Nigel Claridge at Sustainable innovation, Sweden
  • Lithuanian Innovation Centre – Director – PhD Mantas Vilys
  • Yasmina Ganse CFO at Spowdi, Sweden

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